Battery Reviver Equipment

Segway format, Li-ion
Battery Super Reviver


Our customers report back that in excess of $US 2 Million worth of Segway Lithium batteries have been successfully revived by our DGB International Battery Reviver range of products.

IWARN Pty.Ltd. ( ACN 005 664 693 ) trading as DGB International.

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Designed and Manufactured in Australia.
Exported worldwide.

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We used to be the Australian agents / distributors for Segway Inc. of the USA.

At that time we traded under the name of:

Segway Southern Cross

For a number of reasons, we declined to continue in that role. We have no current arrangements and no affiliations with Segway Inc.

Thus, we are not in possession of any current Segway technical, commercial or regulatory information.

From the expertise we developed whilst dealing with Segway products, we designed a range of Battery Reviver products.

We understand from publicly available sources that Segway Inc. has changed hands again, and is now owned by the Chinese company Ninebot.

It has come to our attention that Ninebot products also use Lithium Ion batteries, and may have similar problems to the Segway battery problems.  We are currently investigating this, with the view to possibly developing a new range of products.

Please contact us if you have any Ninebot issues or information.